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KWPM Insurance Services* programs are available to KW PROPERTY MANAGEMENT communities, leveraging our relationships with highly- rated insurance carriers, brokers and advisors. Our mission is to help our associations mitigate risk while accessing the most comprehensive coverage. Our partners seek to ensure that KWPMC-managed associations are paying the most favorable rates.


Our partnership with USI, the largest Florida agent for condominiums and homeowners associations, ensures that every single one of our KWPMC managed communities are benefitting from the no-obligation due diligence that is being provided. USI’s team will be reviewing existing policies, looking for gaps in coverage, and making sure that associations are not overpaying.


  • The most competitive pricing and coverage available
  • Budget guidance
  • A site assessment survey to develop underwriting information, marketing reports, and a cost/benefit analysis for proposed safety improvements
  • Monitoring and direction of insurer loss control services to ensure goal and objectives are consistent with the goals and risk management direction
  • Unprecedented customer service and focus on each property’s unique needs
  • Access at no charge to copies of Certificate of Insurance
  • Competitive premium finance terms
  • Vendor insurance verification and review
  • A Claims Specialist who assists in facilitating and expediting claims processes and claims advocacy
  • Compliance Audits
  • Disaster preparedness assistance


Through KWPM Insurance Services’ partnership with GlobalPro, the property insurance needs of the association are put first. GlobalPro has managed the recovery of over one billion dollars in property loss or damage and the placement of thousands of policies. Through GlobalPro’s signature process, the association is in the most advantageous position to recover from losses and timely rebuild.

Acting as an advisor to KWPMC-managed associations in an increasingly difficult market, the GlobalPro Team of Insurance Coverage Experts ensure that every KWPMC community has what it needs at the most critical times of loss. GlobalPro advocates for the association to ensure that the rights and financial interests of the community are protected.

GlobalPro’s industry leading insurance services have proven to:

  • The most competitive pricing and coverage available
    Budget guidance
  • Mitigate unnecessary claims and litigation costs
  • Protect the financial interests of the association
  • Avoid claim delays and denials
  • Improve and shorten claim cycles
  • Yield higher recoveries
  • Enhance communication among unit owners that have suffered a loss

Exclusive offer for KWMPC-managed associations enrolled in the Preferred Client Services program:

  • Discounted enrollment and priority service
  • Around the clock access to Insurance Coverage Experts
  • Policy renewal pre-loss inspection and appraisal review
  • Policy review and analysis with effective feedback
  • Loss run audits to determine past policy and claim performance
  • Other insurance services tailored to the needs of your association

KWPM Insurance Services, LLC is a subsidiary of KW PROPERTY MANAGEMENT AND CONSULTING LLC (KWPMC). All insurance offerings and services are optional and KWPMC clients may opt-out of using them. KWPM Insurance Services, LLC may receive fees or commissions from partners for the placement, servicing and maintenance of the programs offered to communities.